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Geranium Essential Oil - By Florida Herb House!

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What Are Essential Oils You Ask? Most commonly, the essence is extracted from the plant using an technique called distillation. One type of distillation places the plants or flowers on a screen. Steam is passed through the area and becomes "charged" with the essence. The steam then passes through an area where it cools and condenses. This mixture of water and essential oil is separated and bottled. Since plants contain such a small amount of this precious oil, several hundred pounds may needed to produce a single ounce.

Geranium oil has been described as a natural perfume complete unto itself. It's often used to scent soaps and detergents because, unlike many other essential oils, rose geranium's aroma profile is not readily affected by the alkaline nature of soap products. Geranium essential oil is antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-tumorial, adrenal support, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial, anti-fungal, homoeostatic (stops bleeding), and general tonic. Geranium was used by the ancestors as a remedy for wounds and skin care.

Geranium oil is distilled from the above-ground parts of the plant. Most of the essential oil glands are found in its leaves. After cutting, the plants are partially dried to increase the yield of oil. That way there's less water to be vaporized and extracted from the plant material during the distillation.

The geranium that brightens your landscape with its brightly colored flowers may be one of two different species. If you successfully over-wintered your geranium, chances are it is an herbaceous perennial from the genus Geranium. However, most often the geraniums that delight us with their profuse blooms are from the genus Pelargonium.
The geranium, which originated in South Africa, made its entrance to the European continent in the 1600's and has been propagated and hybridized ever since. Today the geranium is still among the most popular of the flowering plants. The geranium is a very adaptable flower that is suitable for beds and borders as well as hanging baskets and containers inside or outdoors!

Improves Skin Condition - Mix a few drops of geranium essential oil with about half a cup of distilled water to help with skin conditions such as dry or oily skin. It's especially fantastic if you have combination skin, or skin that's oily in patches and dry in others. Geranium essential oil mixed with distilled water is also helpful with burns, frostbite and acne. It has antiseptic properties so not only does it help heal, but it prevents infection. However, avoid using if you have dermatitis without the approval of your care provider as it may worsen the condition.
Reduces Cellulite - Some aromatherapy experts have found that when geranium oil is mixed with a massage oil (a few drops to about half a cup) and rubbed into cellulite that it decreases the puckering look. Try a massage on cellulite in the morning or before wearing that bathing suit to help reduce the appearance of your cellulite.
Fights Depression - Like many essential oils, geranium can fight day-to-day depression. Release a few drops through a diffuser if you're having a hard day but can't take the time to de-stress. If you have a few minutes, release a drop onto a piece of cotton, hold it close to the nose, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
Balances Hormones - Geranium essential oil balances female hormone imbalances; this is why it's used to treat PMS symptoms, menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps and sore breasts. There are many ways to use geranium oil to treat hormone imbalances. You could add a few drops to a diffuser or vaporizer, or release a drop onto a cotton ball and inhale deeply. For menstrual cramps and sore breasts, try adding a few drops to a massage oil and massaging into the affected areas. If a massage is too painful, add a drop of geranium oil to a warm compress and cover the abdomen or breasts to relieve the symptoms.
Warnings - Essential oils should never be ingested unless recommended by a care provider. In addition, never apply essential oils directly to the skin without a carrier oil. Caution should be taken with essential oils during pregnancy and if breastfeeding. If you have any serious health condition, please check in with your care provider before using essential oils since they may worsen your condition

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