Saturday, March 14, 2009

Essential Oils - The Simple Guide

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As many of you may already know the and do everything possible to make essential oil use and education as simple as possible. With over 50 pure undiluted as well as ready to use blended essential oils for sale we see so many common questions about these powerful little oils. Today we will begin to discuss some of them.

Probably a safe bet to say that if you asked your friend or neighbor what essential oils are they would say something like "Well They Are Oils That You Burn And They Are Essential Because They Are Made From The Earth". In a nut shell here is the nitty gritty basic way to understand essential oils.

Take raw crude oil, distill it, and out comes paint thinner. As this process is far more complicated than this the basic principle is exactly the same for essential oils. Essential oils are herbs, mainly the leaves, that are distilled and from this process comes the pure constituents from the leaves being used. Without using a solvent to extract the herbs, oil distillation is the most practical means of extraction. You may have heard of other oils like almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, etc etc. These oils are extracted by actually using a mechanical crushing process that literally squeezes the oil out. This type of oil is called a carrier oil and is less volatile. Essential oils evaporate at a much higher rate than carrier oils. The process used to crush the seeds and nuts is commonly referred to as "Expeller Pressed".

Remember that pure essential oils that are undiluted can be dangerous when not used properly. Use care and guidance when mixing your pure essential oils. They can irritate skin, cause dizziness, be harmful when used internally and one must get the proper guidance before jumping into the essential oil world. Many aromatherapy and massage oils come already diluted and blended and are ready to use. This is a great way to buy your oils if you are not familiar with the proper blending ratios. When we make our hand poured beeswax lip balms there is only about 2 drops of pure undiluted essential oil in each lip balm. Yes that is how strong they are! We do offer pre-blended massage and aromatherapy essential oils for our customers convenience.

In our nest session we will begin to discuss the most popular essential oils, what they blend best with, and their basic uses. We hope you join us on our essential oil blog each week! Have an essential day!


Stephen C. Sharp
Florida Herb House

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